Bradford Properties LLC will assist you in obtaining all required documents and reports, mitigating problems before they arise from the beginning to the end of the permit procurement. We work closely with county and municipal agencies as well as fire protection districts, planning districts, and water/soil conservation districts to avoid unnecessary delays to projects such as:

Construction, modification or demolition of a building or structure.

Clearing, grading, or any surface disturbance including tree and vegetation maintenance.

Electrical equipment and/or related systems.

Fire suppression, fire alarms, fuel tanks, and related systems or activities.

Land use activities such as establishing use, project approvals, land division or pre-application services.

Mechanical equipment and/or related systems.

Natural resources and permits related to forestland, watershed, and resource use.

Plumbing equipment and/or related systems.

Right-of-way and means to create, modify, or repair a road/driveway.

Sign approvals.

Special event that affects the ordinary use of public or private property and/or generates considerable public participation.