The adjustment and creation of boundary lines is a multistep process with many moving parts. Our team has years of experience working through the legal processes of land use planning and development. In tandem with subcontractors, we will manage the requirements from preliminary steps to final recording. Bradford Properties LLC consults on projects from land owners, realtors, and estate lawyers with projects ranging from, but not limited to:

Deviations, modifications, variances, or waivers for adjusting the standards or development regulations.

Land division to create new lots or adjust existing lot boundary lines.

Determine or obtain legal lot status.

Project or site plan approval, such as a design review or proposed developments.

Requests to change a property’s zoning designation.

Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs) and determining whether properties are eligible to be considered as a sending site.

Approving a use, such as a conditional use, accessory dwelling unit, home occupation.